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Unlocking performance potential
for Leaders and Managers

For all Serving, Reserve personnel and Veterans

™ Time Expired and Further Development (™TE&FD) Qualifications Programmes in Leadership & Management or Coaching & Mentoring. MDN have over 20 years proven and extensive association with the Armed Forces in supporting Service Personnel to translate their military service skills into CMI qualifications that are recognised and valued in the civilian sector. Recent CMI research shows that 1:5 civilian managers have no recognised management qualification. So enhance your professional reputation and boost your career prospects whilst serving. Use time wisely and consider beginning now. We can:

  • Build on your existing qualifications to take you to the next level, for example by uplifting qualifications awarded from accredited career courses such as CLM, SRLC, ICSC, etc.
  • Recover long-lost qualifications using our ™TE&FD process.
  • Provide Further Development to new or higher level qualifications.
  • Provide development and assessment to the prestigious award of Chartered Manager, the highest accolade that can be achieved in the Management Profession.

MDN offers 1:1 tutor support, working at your pace from your location, with flexible support offered online, via telephone calls or in person if required.

Management & Leadership Qualifications

Level 2: Qualification Factsheet - Level 2 in Team Leading
Level 3: New Qualification Factsheet - Level 3 in Principles of Management and Leadership
Level 4: Qualification Factsheet - Level 4 in Management and Leadership
Level 5: New Qualification Facesheet - Level 5 in Management and Leadership
Level 5: New Qualification Factsheet - Level 5 Award in Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Level 6: Qualification Factsheet - Level 6 in Management and Leadership
Level 6: New Qualification Factsheet - Level 6 in Professional Management and Leadership Practice
Level 7: Qualification Factsheet - Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership

Coaching & Mentoring Qualifications

Level 3: Qualification Factsheet - Level 3 in Coaching and Mentoring
Level 5: Qualification Factsheet - Level 5 in Management Coaching and Mentoring
Level 7: Qualification Factsheet - Level 7 in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
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“I now have a better understanding of the modern workplace, and the real world equivalences of my own experiences and previous roles. I would recommend anyone who has served in the military to study with MDN; they understand your experiences and tailor detailed feedback.” Former Household Cavalry SNCO, CMI Level 5 Extended Diploma & Level 6 Diploma
“I was extremely fortunate to choose MDN. My studies tutor helped me immensely and the speed in returning work was second to none. MDN made a daunting prospect an ever achievable reality with every piece of feedback.” Serving WO1, Level 7 Extended Diploma, Chartered Manager