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Unlocking performance potential
for Leaders and Managers

For Commercial Staff at all Levels

Getting the right management qualification enhances your professional career and can dramatically boost your job prospects. Professional development, be it personal or organisational, is the key to increasing individual and team performance in achieving business outcomes.

MDN offers bespoke development programmes using CMI standards tailored to meet individual, team and organisational requirements. Programmes are vocationally related and as such enable a blend of management learning related to functional activities.

Working at your pace we deliver programmes using a blended learning approach and varied assessment process which may include e.g. written work, interviews, professional discussion, telephone, “Skype” or work related assignments. Affiliate Membership of CMI is granted for the duration of programmes and enables access to the CMI’s “Management Direct” facility with 1:1 support by a member of our staff.

We offer a broad variety of programmes from Level 2 to Level 7, each with a diverse structure to enable personal and organisational design. Please follow the links below to the CMI website for more information:

Level 2: Qualification Factsheet - Level 2 in Team Leading
Level 3: New Qualification Factsheet - Level 3 in Principles of Management and Leadership
Level 4: Qualification Factsheet - Level 4 in Management and Leadership
Level 5: New Qualification Facesheet - Level 5 in Management and Leadership
Level 5: New Qualification Factsheet - Level 5 Award in Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Level 6: Qualification Factsheet - Level 6 in Management and Leadership
Level 6: New Qualification Factsheet - Level 6 in Professional Management and Leadership Practice
Level 7: Qualification Factsheet - Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership

Coaching & Mentoring Qualifications

Level 3: Qualification Factsheet - Level 3 in Coaching and Mentoring
Level 5: Qualification Factsheet - Level 5 in Management Coaching and Mentoring
Level 7: Qualification Factsheet - Level 7 in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
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“Studying with MDN has been a challenging, thought provoking and highly beneficial experience. The need to draw upon and analyse my own experiences, and the lessons learnt from those professional experiences, has been of incredible value to my development.” Mr H, Level 6 Diploma
“You were superb and patient with supporting me to take the required steps to FCMI status. You understood the position I was in well, and clearly drove me through all the right steps to achieve the end state.” Mr L, Level 7 Extended Diploma, Chartered Fellow.